APOA Board Meeting – Jan 13, 2019

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In Attendance:  Arnie, Liz, Diane, Barry, Subrina

1. Season Opener event: 65 people attending
2. Facebook page, more people are joining
3. Dog patrol, there were 29 complaints to Bylaw enforcement last quarter from Apex resort. They are patrolling and warning people to have dogs on leash
4. Roads, there have been very few issues with our Argo due to very little snow. Still a big bank across the lower snowshoe trails. This will be brought to Argo’s attention
5. Apex Matters. We will add our form of membership to Apex Matters. Barry will attend to this also we will post the APOA AGM for Saturday, March 23. He will check that the hotel is available to confirm that date
6. Fire Brigade , Discussion re APOA joining in on a social event with the fire brigade. Arnie will check with Gary regarding this.Their AGM is Feb 6 th
7. Membership , Discussion regarding how we can enhance our presence. Barry will deliver our membership forms to the mountain shop and to the general store. Currently only 20% of owners are members
8. Forestry: Jeff absent
9. Nickel plate park, appears to have stalled at this time
10. RDOS Report
Wildfire Issue. Jeff will be doing a Wildfire & Forestry Presentation for the RDOS directors on Mar 7th. There is also an application for money to go towards studies regarding wildfire issues in local communities , which would include Apex Resort
Waste Transfer Station: Subrina stated the station will stay in the same location. The resort is definite that it remain where it is. Currently, the issue is is that the lease of four years needs to be extended. If that is all approved it is hoped the station will proceed in May of 2019
– Property tax, Subrina stated that property tax will see a slight increase in the following year
– Arnie commented that the increase should be a flat tax and not a mill rate property tax
11. Correspondence, there are four new memberships that just came in through the mail
Excel membership list has been updated
13. next meeting, February 24 at 3 PM at Arnie’s
AGM. Temporary date of March 23 at 3 PM at the hotel. To be confirmed

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