Extensive logging threatens our alpine recreation, property values, and the high elevation environment. It also threatens lower elevations since what happens up here eventually has a trickle down effect on the valley.  The Board and the APOA Forestry Advisory Committee are dedicated to ensuring industrial logging is conducted in a way that preserves our recreational values and our investment in the area.

  • Conference: Forestry in BC’s Recreation Areas

    APOA is hosting a one-day conference in Kelowna on Saturday November 7, 2015.  BC’s outdoor recreation associations and clubs, as well as property owner associations in recreation-oriented communities, are invited to send one or more representatives able to speak for their membership.   The conference will discuss the impact

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  • Logging Survey

    The Forest Practices Board is seeking your feedback to improve their work as the public watchdog for forest and range practices in BC. We encourage you, your family, and friends to share your views via the link below. The survey should take about 10 minutes. The section at the

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  • Write a Letter to Government

    Tips for Writing a Letter to a Public Official

    Government officials receive numerous messages by letter and e-mail each week. A poorly written letter may cause offence, confuse the issue, or simply be ignored. The following tips are based on an article entitled “How to write a letter to your

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  • Logging Presentation Feb. 28th