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This letter is to encourage your support in building the membership of the Apex Property Owners Association by joining as an APOA member  and also promoting membership to other owner friends and strata members.

The APOA is an important voice in representing our community interests with the resort, the RDOS, Highways, and other provincial government ministries who interface with Apex and its surrounding area.  Your input as property owners is essential in determining development, growth and sustainability of our natural environment and recreational pursuits, fire protection, security, and infrastructure maintenance.  The APOA has been actively involved in providing this valuable input since it was formed in 1995.

For the small fee of $25, you can add your voice to the future of Apex and our wonderful alpine community.  You can also stay informed on
upcoming activities and events through our newsletter and website.

Please share the attached APOA membership application with other property owners.  Memberships can be sent in by mail or done online at * In the interest of  better communication with all property owners we would like to contact strata presidents directly about events and presentations of interest to our community. Please email contact information to

We are all looking forward to a great upcoming ski season as well as the celebration of Apex’s 50th Anniversary. Thank you in advance for sharing this information.

The APOA executive

Newsletter – November 2011

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Greetings All,

Your Board has met twice since the A.G.M. in March on the hill—July 10th and Oct. 18th. You received the first newsletter in May. The Board has had a lot to do and/ or discuss. Read on!

Village Clean-up, Sat. July 10th

Thank you to Michael and Jen from the Trading Post who organized the clean-up and provided hot dogs and fixings for the volunteer crew. They also supplied copious black garbage bags for the copious trash that was EVERYWHERE! Thanks also to those that took time on a sunny summer Sat. in July to help out.

Clean-up crew members were:

Michael and Jen and daughter Julia
Loraine Stephanson
Barry Leigh
Bill and Doreen Bobbitt

Russell Raynier
Bob Thompson
John and Carollyne Lansel
Rick and Julia Valenti

Recycling at Apex

Cameron Baughen , Solid Waste Management Coordinator for the RDOS has informed the Board about the status of this project when we asked him for an update in mid Oct.

  1.  The site has been surveyed.
  2. The RDOS questionaires about recycling that many of us filled out and submitted were helpful to Cameron and his team and some suggestions will be looked at for incorporation.
  3. The RDOS is waiting for the Solid Waste Management Plan to be adopted by the Province. After adoption, the RDOS Board of Directors would assign staff and set up a budget for the project. At that time, we will get information about cost of construction and the pay plan/how it affects us as property owners. It would seem at that stage that we, as property owners can again input our ideas/concerns about how the transfer station is funded.
  4. Earliest time for construction will be summer of 2012.

Okanagan Vista Trail Work

Denis O’Gorman and his intrepid crew put in a few weeks of hard labor over the late summer cutting, clearing and signing trails around Nickel Plate Lake, Vista and environs. Some deep rut damage by vehicles in Nickel Plate Park was discovered and damage of this sort, when noticed, can be reported to Randall Kohlhauser, local compliance officer at 250-490-2278.

Tramping in and marking of snowshoe trails this winter is encouraged.

Anyone willing to help with this ongoing trail work can contact Denis at

Weyerhaeuser Forest Harvest

There has been an increase of Mtn. Pine Beetle populations east of the Similkameen River and harvest plans are predominantly in the Winters Creek and Strayhorse Rd. areas. Road construction has been taking place and harvesting is scheduled for summer of 2012. In addition, wood lot license lands immediately north of Nickel Plate Nordic Centre are also to be harvested and snowshoe trails to be relocated. The Board is to remain vigilant in regards to harvesting, especially in the area of motorized recreation management post harvest forest plantations. Thank you Denis O’Gorman for bringing this harvesting information to the Board’s attention.

Apex Ski Club Awards

Jorgen Anderson—Kinder Coach of the year

Club B.C. Alpine Club Development of the Year Award
Okanagan Zone win on the strength of win placements by Apex Ski Club members ages 11-15

Apex 50th. Anniversary

Time to purchase your tickets for the celebration at the Trade and Convention Centre for Jan. 13th, 2012. Check out the Apex Resort website for info. At the time of this newsletter, it is not known what is happening on the hill for a celebration the actual date of the 50th, the weekend of Dec. 9-11, 2011. APOA will have a banner in the Village proclaiming “Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Future”.


You all received in your water bill a letter from the Board and a membership form. Please take the letter to heart and do your part in helping us build our membership. There is always a lot going on in the Alpine that needs input and the many voices of the many property owners help protect, preserve and sustain the natural environment and recreational pursuits we all enjoy. You own property in the Alpine and your property values are always impacted by what goes on up here. Our voice as property owners is our strength and the more voices, the easier to hear us when we wail!

Some things in the Village

Stan Duckworth from Fort Langley Camping is the new owner of the hostel which will again be operated as a hostel as well as staff accomodation. He is also involved in the Apex Mtn. Inn and has some great ideas for family and adult activities and entertainments for this season.

The Tempest Room is now the Rock Oven Bar and Grill with Chef Aaron from The Penticton Sage and Vine working magic in the back end kitchen space and Dick Ante working magic in the front end public space.



Our next Board meeting is either in Dec. or the first part of the new year.   Next newsletter when there is something newsworthy!

See you on the hill…

Julia V.

May News

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Some information from your President to all APOA members:

If you haven’t been to the hill since the official season ended, you have not experienced the relentless snowfalls all of April and into May. Those that bootpack or hitch a ride on a machine up to the top have reported phenomenal conditions, especially in the trees with waist deep powder. Yesterday’s snowstorm put more fresh down but today’s sun may make quick work of it! The creeks are running but there is still one heck of a lot of snow to melt yet.

Your Board does not have any pressing business to take care of but we are in place as a working body should issues need addressing from a property owners standpoint. Following are issues we are monitoring:

The Riordan Mine appears to be on hold—no information has come back to us when we requested an update from Crystal Peaks Abrasives.

The RDOS is proposing full recycling on the hill and wants your input. Pick up a survey at their office at 101 Martin St. or fill it out on their website and let them know your thoughts. It has to be funded by property owners so your opinion is important to give them direction.

APOA will be involved in some manner with the hill’s 50th. Anniversary the weekend of Dec. 9th. when planned family activities will be offered in and around the village. One thing we are doing is hanging a big APOA banner in the village saying “ CELEBRATING THE PAST, PROTECTING THE FUTURE”. Any ideas you have for fun for this weekend are welcome. E-mail them to and the Board will consider them. Also note that a Penticton dinner gala is planned for Jan. 13th. 2012 at the Trade and Convention Centre in celebration of the 50th.

We now have 60 members-thanks to all of you as newbies and as returnees. Please talk to your hill neighbors upon start of the next ski season and encourage their membership too.

The Board will be meeting 4 times a year, our year being March to March. Next meeting is July 10th. You will receive an update on what we are up to after that.

Until then, enjoy the sun, surf and turf.

Julia Valenti

APOA 2011 Annual General Meeting, March 19

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Apex Property Owners Association AGM is Scheduled for Saturday, March 19th, 2011 at the Longshot Bar & Grill, Apex Resort. Registration at 2:00 with Call to Order at 2:30.
(Only paid members are eligible to vote at the AGM)
1.     Call to order and introductions (2:30)
2.     Approval of  March 13, 2010 minutes
3.     Approval of agenda
4.     Committee Reports (2:50)
  (a)  Executive (President & Treasurer)
(b)  Membership (Director, Phil Rathjen)
(c)  Board Development (Jane Drapeau)
(d)  Communications (Director, Julia Valenti)
(e)  Social (Director, Julia Valenti)
f.   Environment/Resource Management (Director, Denis O’Gorman)
g.     Highways/roads (Director, Phyllis
h.     Ad Hoc: Community Policing (Director, Barry Clark)
5.     Election of Directors (3:15)
6.         Apex 50th Anniversay (Peter Ord,Penticton Museum) (3:30)
7.         Apex Mountain Report & questions (3:50)
8.         Other business
 Adjourn at approximately 4:00

Get Ready For Fire Season

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Gary Vollet has asked to remind you all that fire season is here early this year, and to properly prepare your cabin for the summer.  The prediction for this summer is for conditions similar to 2003, and for those of you who forgot about that year, it was the most devastating wildfire season on record, especially in the Okanagan.

Read more…

Proposed Mine Info

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The proposal  to mine garnet on Mt. Riordan has surfaced again after several years.  As information becomes available, we will be posting it up here for you to see.  Read more…


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Saturday March 13, 2010 at the Longshot Cafeteria, Apex Mountain Resort
2:00 Registration/Sign up for membership (paid members are eligible to vote at the AGM) Read more…

November 2009 Newsletter

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While you didn’t hear from your Board over the summer, that didn’t mean we weren’t busy.

For those of you with email, we were able through the good offices of our Vice President, Jane Drapeau. to get out some key notices and we will continue that practice.

We just couldn’t tell you as much as we would like to because we don’t have a webmaster. Our Board members have skills and abilities but website updating isn’t one of them! So this is a plea, a call, a request, an invitation to a member to volunteer as APOA’s webmaster. Phenomenal job satisfaction will be your reward! Just let any Board member know of your interest. And that way you’ll help your organization help you and the rest of us too!

In the meantime, the articles in this issue will provide you summaries of what’s been happening or what’s emerging.

Please note our new postal address above.

Here’s to a good snow season!

Denis O’Gorman


6:00 PM Saturday, December 19
Tempest Room at Apex Inn
Apex Mountain Resort

$20 ticket includes 2 x 3oz. wine pours
and 6 different appies/canapés.

Tickets are limited and must be reserved by Dec. 14

Reservations: Call Apex Mtn. Inn and Spa


The water rate increase application by the Resort, as the water utility, is before the Water Comptroller. APOA presented questions on various aspects of the rate request. On water stewardship, we asked if autumn water drawdowns on Nickel Plate Lake ( a reservoir) could be reduced. Domestic and snowmaking uses result in only 4 inches of total annual drawdown. An update on the decision will be provided by email notice once it it received.


APOA members are advised there is renewed interest in a potential garnet mine on Mt. Riordan. The interest is on claims known as Shamrock and Billy Goat between elevations of 1900 and 2100 metres. These claims are located roughly .75 km north of Apex’s Winchester run and .75 km west of The Circle.

The emerging proposal by Crystal Peaks Abrasives Partnership Ltd. (CPAPL) is of special interest to APOA members given concerns with the 1990’s proposal when the claims were included in the former Apex Recreation Area. Bob Hall, a principal of CPAPL, advised that a partnership agreement with the Penticton Indian Band (PIB) has been signed and that PIB Chief Jonathan Kruger announced it at a recent economic summit.

CPAPL’s “Notice of Work” (October 2009) for exploration activity calls for 7 new drill holes and collection of 6000 metric tonnes of material from 3 existing “prospect sites”. While that notice extends to October 2010, Mr. Hall advises that they are aiming at 6 to 8 months to advance their proposal through the regulatory process. He notes the plan is to move ore for processing at a site on PIB lands.

APOA’s Board is arranging to meet with Mr. Hall and their local consultant Adam Eneas. We will be seeking more details on the proposal, its timing and provisions for informing the public. Mr. Hall wishes to open a comprehensive consultation with APOA and notes that the Ministry of Energy and Mines will also outline consultation requirements.
APOA will be contacting the Ministry to obtain an understanding of Government’s review process and how the public can be informed and participate. We will be providing APOA members an update after our meeting with CPAPL.

The challenge for APOA will be to represent property owners interests in the assessment process while recognizing that BC’s Mining Act conveys considerable rights to develop claims that have proven potential and are judged to be manageable and acceptable under environmental laws.


The 2003 fire season made all of us familiar with the concept of urban interface fire hazard. More recently, funding has become available to local governments- firstly for developing plans and then for field operations to reduce this hazard.

At APOA’s last AGM, RDOS forestry consultant John Davies outlined hazard reduction principles. Over the summer he updated the Board on his emerging first phase plan. It focuses on reducing forest fuels in a 30-50 metre band around the northern fringe of Apex. It extends from west and north of the Circle eastward behind Bighorn, the Scout Cabin, Whitetail and Cahill.

No field action could occur until funding was secured. In late October, RDOS was advised that their application for fuel reduction around Apex and other communities was approved.
On November 9 John Davies commenced putting crews in place to start thinning, limbing, piling and burning in the Phase 1 area.
In Phase 2, the treatment area will be increased to be between 70 and 100 meters from private property lines. Between these two phases, John expects to be on the Apex site throughout the winter..

The following phase will focus on an area east of Strayhorse and the Resort Village plus Chute’s End.

John will also be recommending to the Forest Service that treatments occur south of the ski runs (Dividend area) and the lower slopes of Green Mountain.

He emphasises that while fuel breaks will help, full success depends on property owners implementing Fire Smart guidelines.

Owners with concerns or questions can reach John at

Or 250.540 3473

November 2008 Newsletter

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Open the Season With APOA

Saturday, November 29th at Apex

Business at 3 PM in the Longshot Cafeteria

Mark Woods of RDOS and consultant John Davies, present:

Operational Planning for Community Wildfire Protection at Apex

Monkey Business at 4:30 PM at the Gunbarrel:

Tunes by Cowgirl Julie and Sidekick Rick

Beer and Burger $10 Special for APOA members (courtesy the Gunbarrel)

Get updated, support RDOS efforts and have fun!

President’s Report

The APOA’s season opening event on November 29 starts with an important presentation on community wildfire protection. Newly engaged by RDOS, James Davies, RPF, will be responsible for moving last year’s hazard assessment into an action plan. Mark Woods, RDOS Emergency Services Manager, indicates that prioritization of funding for wildfire protection will be influenced by active community interest, and support. This is your chance to show RDOS that Apex residents are strong supporters of enhanced protection for our valued community.

Your attendance is doubly important because BC government sources indicate that the mountain pine beetle attack is expected in earnest in our area this year. Sick and dead trees will add to fuel loads and increase the wildfire risk.

Following the presentation there is a beer and burger social at the Gunbarrel for APOA members.

Fortunately, pine beetles aren’t the only thing hard at work at Apex. APOA Board members met with Apex Mountain Resort management to discuss your responses to the APOA member survey distributed at the AGM last spring. This is detailed in the Survey Results article further down the page.

Regrettably and despite repeated efforts, there has been no progress on advancing the trails management plan at Okanagan Vista. The need to reconcile conflicts between motorized and nonmotorized recreation and to sustain the recreation resources was identified in the BC Government’s 2001 plan (LRMP). APOA has sent numerous letters to BC Cabinet Ministers and to MLA Bill Barisoff. A recent exchange of letters with Minister Stan Hagan has shown that constructive leadership from the BC Government is lacking. The Government response remains insufficient and the issues unresolved. For more information and some initial suggestions on how you can start to help address the issue, please see the update on the next page.

Regarding the Apex Resort Master Plan, APOA’s Board has been advised that the necessary discussions between the provincial government and the Penticton Indian Band (PIB) are underway, led by Provincial officials responsible for First Nations Consultations. APOA understands the goal is to arrive at a “framework agreement” which would open the door towards updating the 1980 Resort Master Plan.

Newly elected PIB Chief, Jonathan Kruger, has expressed interest in a “strategic plan that deals with the environment, our health, social issues, and making our community stronger”. For this reason APOA’s Board remains optimistic for a “win-win” solution.

To support APOA’s efforts, both your membership dues and your active support are necessary. At our current 80 paid-up memberships, over half are necessary just to cover our liability insurance. Please encourage your friends and neighbours to join the APOA. It only costs $25 a year to support your community. You can sign up from our website at, or by mail.

Looking forward to seeing you on November 29.

Denis O’Gorman,

President, APOA

Okanagan Vista: Call to Action

There was an encouraging start at a March 2007 workshop to resolve ongoing recreation conflicts on the Okanagan Vista cross country ski trails. This valuable local recreation resource was established several years ago by the Forest Service and Penticton Outdoors Club. However the promised follow up meeting to address outstanding issues has not been convened by the province. This is a resource management and conflict resolution matter that is clearly the responsibility of the provincial government to address. A proper plan must be in place before the needed re-signing of trails and general area management can commence.

The Okanagan Recreation Officer (Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts) has indicated that in the absence of a responsible group, his Ministry may start the process of “dis-establishing” the Okanagan Vista Ski Area. To prevent such an significant loss to our community what is required is a facilitated examination of the broader Vista recreation area so a coordinated plan can be created to provide for both motorized and non-motorized recreation in a compatible way. This will require government leadership to guide the process and to implement the needed management framework.

The Recreation Officer also indicated they want evidence of people’s willingness to take on the needed tasks of re-signing, routine maintenance and reporting “violations”. With the departure of the Penticton Outdoors Club from Okanagan Vista, a stewardship group is needed. For this reason, interested people are asked to indicate their willingness to assist with these activities. Please express your interest by writing or e-mailing the APOA at the address provided at the top of the newsletter. The list of names will be presented to the Ministry.

Two letters, one from Minister Stan Hagan (replying to our May letter requesting action), plus APOA’s August response are available on the “News” page of the APOA website. Also, APOA member Murray Brown is preparing a synopsis of Okanagan Vista history, summarizing the efforts to realize the goals outlined in the original LRMP. This summary will be also posted on APOA’s website. Watch for updates!

Denis O’Gorman

Survey Results

At the APOA’s spring AGM an opinion survey was conducted. It covered topics under four categories: resort management, activities, resort village, and resort facilities/services. The results help point out areas where improvement efforts can be best directed.

APOA board members Jane Drapeau, Phyllis Matthews, and Julia Valenti held a meeting with Apex General Manager James Shalman to discuss the survey results. Each topic was reviewed in detail and these positive understandings were established:

  1. Apex management shares many of the same concerns as owners.
  2. Some areas needing help will get it and others will not. Funding for some projects simply isn’t there.
  3. Approach management at any time and point out areas that need improvement.
  4. Volunteers are welcome in any area in which they see a need. Check in with James or other management staff that oversee the area of your concern and run your project by them for approval.

So be proactive, take on a project, find a solution, get together with others and help create the mountain experience you want.

We are pursuing a similar meeting with Apex ownership with emphasis on furthering a constructive

working relationship to help improve Apex Mountain Resort for our mutual benefit. James’ openness to suggestions and the scope for helping create a positive mountain experience are encouraging.

Julia Valenti


The corner above Apex Ranch has been paved and widened, ditching and some culvert repair has been done on Apex road. Our main ongoing concern is the corner below Creekview Condos and above the Scout Cabin. The culvert just below the reservoir was repaired and should direct runoff under the road and into the creek. Many culverts which owners are responsible for are either inadequate or blocked by sand and debris. Argo intends to plow roads wider from the onset this winter. Road maintenance hours are unchanged.

Happy skiing!

Phyllis Matthews

Exchange of Letters with Government

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Apex Recreation Management Zone

Denis O’Gorman, APOA president, requests action on the recreation planning process for the Apex Recreation Resource Management Zone.  View the letters here and here.

The Ministry of Tourism, Sports, and the Arts responds.  View the minister’s reply here.

Denis replies, suggesting that the situation is more severe and more urgent than the Minster implies in his letter, and requesting that the Ministry commit to organizing the promised meeting of stakeholders.   View Denis’ reply here.