Waiting for Snow…

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Hi everybody! Just a quick update as we wait and pray for the BIG Dump! We did have a good amount of snow Thursday morning when we woke up. Enough to get excited about and get the cross country good again. The mountain has been working hard to get snow made to accomodate the camps who are here for early season training.

The next newsletter is soon to be mailed out by the RDOS as there is important info regarding the fire protection issue and that info needs to reach all property owners and not just the ones who support this association. As we are not able to access that mailing list, the RDOS will kindly forward this info for us. This has postponed the mailout as we wait for approval of the content of the newsletter. We are hoping that future newsletters will also be on this site for your reading pleasure.

Yesterday I recieved an invitation to a fundraiser for the Apex Ski Club. It will be held at the Gunbarrel on Dec. 3/04. It starts at 7pm and it is a Dinner and Goods and Services Auction. Tickets are $30.00. Everyone’s welcome to come out and support Apexes young atheletes. I am sorry but I don’t have the contact numbers in front of me.

That is all for now. Expect your next newsletter in the mail before the end of the month. We are starting our membership drive for 2005 memberships. If you have a new neighbour, be sure to let them know about us. Give them an opportunity to get involved in this unique community! See you soon in the lift lines. It won’t be long now! Pray for snow!

Cindi Lou Baker

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