Solid Waste Disposal Update

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The APOA has recently received notice from Director Bill Schwartz that the Solid Waste Transfer Station initiative has been completed.  This is the conclusion of a significant effort to implement a solid waste management system for Apex. The outcome is that no transfer station will be forthcoming.  Director Schwartz’s letter can be viewed here.


The review of solid waste disposal options for Apex began with an RDOS ruling that waste received at the Campbell Mountain facility must satisfy landfill use criteria, which includes formal recycling.  Apex did not meet this requirement.  RDOS initiated a “conceptual solid waste management system” study which noted:

  • there is no overall solid waste collection system for the community
  • problems with use of the Apex compactor bin including ad hoc loading and unauthorized use by non-payers
  • some strata condos have formalized collection while  others have owners/renters fending for themselves
  • unorganized collection for residential homes including those with several rental rooms, and
  • the small size of the Apex resort community.

The study looked at options for commercial establishments and strata condos. It also looked at residential service options including collection, community bins and a transfer station.  The transfer station was seen to be important for non-strata residential garbage disposal.  Conceptual designs and cost estimates were developed.  This was followed by a review of siting options by a consulting engineer.

RDOS established an Apex Residential Solid Waste Advisory Committee and participants included Steve LaPrairie, Ron Mason, Rob McIntosh and Denis O’Gorman (replacing Joe Dhara).  On-site meetings were held and siting options were also reviewed by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways because of road safety issues.  Revised cost estimates were then prepared by RDOS.

Concerns were expressed about service costs and Director Schwarz indicated that these should generally not exceed those levied elsewhere in the RDOS.


As a result of reviewing revised costs based on alternative configurations Director Schwarz concluded that estimated cost levies remain too high and that he would recommend that this project proposal be discontinued.  His explanatory letter is posted on the APOA website.

A fundamental factor remains the present size of the community.  In the interim, the technical memo by RDOS provides useful thought on improving commercial and strata waste disposal.  The problems of unauthorized use of commercial bins and worse yet, illicit roadside disposal remain to be solved.

Ideas anyone?

The contact is Beth Cavers, RDOS solid Waste Management Coordinator (490-4121).

Denis O’Gorman

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