Newsletter – Dec. 3 2012

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Hello Members–


Here’s the latest news from your Board, and for those who may not know who the Board is, we are:

Julia Valenti, Pres.
Phil Rathjen, Vice Pres.
Barry Leigh, Treasurer
Suzie Anderson, Secretary
Geri Sobool
Jane Drapeau
Phyllis Matthews


  1.  Thank you to those that have renewed or are newly joined. We are 58 memberships strong and constantly strive to increase that number. To that end, Phil Rathjen and Jane Drapeau produced our new color brochure and sent them with the water bills. Next up is plastic sleeves with the brochures in them to be placed on village business counters. As well, each Board member is seeking out all strata Presidents so we can contact them to contact their members and garner new members for APOA. It would be helpful for any of you to send us the contact information for YOUR strata Presidents to Your help is appreciated.
  2. Our website is managed by John Matthews who has created an attractive place to browse APOA information. Check it out at Also pick up Apex Matters for occasional articles written by Board members.
  3. Phyllis Matthews is our Argo rep and will be attempting, again, to convince them to leave some snow on Creekview Crossing so we all don’t damage our skis and boards on road grit. We are pleased to have FINALLY gotten the warning signs up that it IS a crossing and for vehicles to use caution.
  4. Geri Sobool is in contact with JP. Squire to encourage the publication of Apex happenings in his weekly outdoors column. It seems to be a rather messy backroom situation that has been going on for a number of years and that your Board is attempting to mediate.
  5. We are planning a membership gathering during the season that will feature some sort of presentation of interest to our members with a non ticketed social afterwards. We have some ideas but welcome input of topics of interest to you. Send your ideas to
  6. Weyerhauser has sent the Board a large map detailing their logging plans in the Apex Alpine over the next few years. It is concerning. We are forming a subcommittee to meet with the Weyerhauser Forestry Supervisor when he is available. Denis O’Gorman and Jeff Brown have stepped forward for this committee and we welcome more. If you are interested please contact Julia at the e-mail stated in #5. This committee may also address trails and use thereof and be meeting with the RDOS.
  7. Our next Board meeting is Jan. 26th. and will conclude with a potluck. We are actively seeking Board members to be voted in at the March AG.M. If you are interested in serving, you are invited to attend this Jan. meeting and potluck to get an idea of who we are and what we do. Our work load is not difficult nor particularly time consuming but it IS important and we know there are members out there who would serve the APOA well and happily. Give this idea consideration and e-mail Julia. Not only will you see how the Board works, you’ll be in on a great potluck meal and a fun evening with fun people! Your significant other is also welcome.


Enjoy your holiday season with family and friends in our beautiful alpine scenery and air. We are all so fortunate to be able to recreate as we do in such splendor with such splendid people!

Julia Valenti, Pres. APOA

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