Feb. 2012 Newsletter

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Your Board met Thursday, Feb. 16th. for a lengthy 2 hrs, 45 minutes. Besides the usual Board reports and Roberts Rules housekeeping, APOA and Board concerns and direction were examined:

  1. What are the most important/least important concerns of the APOA?
  2. How does the Board address these concerns?
  3. What is the role of the APOA in the future context of resort development?
  4. What is the role of the APOA in the context of the resort as it is now?

APOA concerns—we had 4 responses from membership in regards to the letter that was e-mailed and is posted on our website, seeking feedback from the membership to the Board on issues membership would like the Board to take a look at:

  1. Dog droppings not picked up, no plastic bags provided to do so.
  2. Replace triple chair.
  3. Discount ticket prices when races are on because many runs are inaccessible.
  4. Marketing of the resort—do more.
  5. Ski in/out access from Creekside Crossing and around the hockey rink.
  6. A member volunteered to help Board/APOA

Apex Operations Manager Steve LaPrairie is a Board member and was able to address these members’ concerns from a resort perspective. Note that the ( ) indicate the writer’s comments, not Steve’s.

  1. Dog droppings—unless stratas, the Mt. Inn and the Hostel all develop a policy to inform property owners and guests about picking up after pets and also provide bags to do so, the resort cannot/will not address this issue either. ( It would seem a group effort is needed and leadership provided. This is not coming from the resort. The APOA Board has decided it is not an issue the Board should be handling. It CAN be taken on by community members who would be willing to develop a committee which would develop a plan to contact all necessary parties and find a solution. Or, those bothered by the droppings can speak with G.M. James Shalman about it, as a group or individually, and see if the resort could be encouraged to take the lead in solution finding).
  2. Triple chair replacement/discount ticket prices—while these were not addressed specifically, they were referred to in a general discussion about resort spending/finances. The resort has made money the past 3 years. Operational budgets are submitted yearly and how these budgets receive the necessary funding is decided by resort owners. Some things get done, some don’t, some are in limbo. ( The APOA cannot affect an outcome on financial decisions).
  3. Marketing—James Shalman and Jonathan Finlay are responsible for marketing.( Again, APOA has no direct role to play here). Some of you are aware that Apex Resort does not appear in J.P. Squire’s outdoor articles in the Okanagan Sat. paper. There has been a disagreement between the paper and the resort and thus the resort does not submit information to this publication
  4. Ski in/out access from Creekside Crossing and around hockey rink— The resort has attempted to address this issue with Argo and Grizzley but has been unsuccessful in getting signage or plowing that does not leave gravel. ( The Board, with the leadership of Board member Phil Rathgen, will address this issue. Solution finding involving all necessary parties is in the works).

The Board identified 2 other areas it will address along with Creekside Crossing:

  1. Full recycling for all resort users—The RDOS has been contacted since they presented this proposal at the AGM last March and they are to get back to us with a plan and a timeline. We will be able to comment on the proposal and make recommendations. Of concern, of course, is fee structure of this recycling center.
  2. Resort Master Plan—The resort has been in ongoing discussions with the Penticton Indian Band and their cooperation and signing off is needed in order for resort expansion/development to occur. The Band has not been forthcoming. Discussions with the Upper and Lower Similkameen Bands are to be initiated. Until these Bands work with the resort, the resort is stymied. (The APOA Board will develop a plan to become involved in some way and it would seem a political involvement may be the most effective means. This does NOT mean aggression, meddling or demanding. It means information gathering, contacting governmental representatives, rational thought and appropriate action where APOA concerns need consideration and where APOA can input the process of community planning).


The Board (and Steve La Prairie wearing his 3 hats as APOA Board member, Apex Operations Manager and part owner) encourage ALL of you to express your various concerns to G.M. James Shalman. Write e-mails, go in and see him, let yourself be heard. Also, take a leading role and initiate solutions towards problem areas. Become a Board member, start a sub-committee and work on your particular area of interest.

You can become a Board member at the APOA AGM on March 17th., starting at 1:30 with renewal of memberships and the meeting beginning around 2 p.m. This will be held in the cafeteria or the Longshot annex. An agenda will be sent soon as well as posted on our website at apexpoa@yahoo.com.

Slated to speak at the AGM is James Shalman presenting an overview of the current owners’ past, present and future at Apex and a discussion of the Resort Master Plan. Following will be a Q. and A.

Tom Siddon, Area D RDOS representative, will be introduced and available after the meeting for BRIEF individual Q and A.

A representative form the Apex Fire Brigade will give an update on their organization.


PLEASE take the time to attend your AGM. As property owners it is our best opportunity all season to share with one another and get information that affects your investment and alpine lifestyle.

On a lighter note your APOA social event this season is a dinner concert in the G.B. dining room this Sat., March 3rd featuring Valdy, whose history at Apex goes back to the early days. Concert tickets are $15 and available at the Trading Post. Dinner is 3 fixed priced selections including desert or order off the menu. The evening kicks off at 5 p.m. At time of writing there are about 25 tickets remaining.


Julia Valenti, President, APOA

 APOA MISSION STATEMENT: APOA is a registered society established to represent the interests of property owners, promoting a sustainable, attractive, successful community and fostering stewardship of Apex area resources for public enjoyment and benefit.

P.O. Box 23016

Year’s Membership–$25 per single, couple or family
Payable by cash or check made out to APOA.
Include: Name, home address, hill address, Ph. #s, e-mail

You can renew by mail but better to renew at the AGM!!

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