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APOA was formed in 1995 as a response to the prospect of a mine adjacent to the community. Since that time, the organization has worked on various priorities relating to property owners’ interests, including community planning, snow removal, road maintenance, environmental concerns, fire protection etc. It is a local organization which advocates for property owners, and currently has a membership of only 79 out of 400 property owners.

Does that mean that non members are 100% content with the state of affairs at Apex, or are non members simply expecting that “others are looking after the issues”?

Are you and/or your neighbors concerned about the current and future value of your property and your ongoing quality of experience at Apex?

For example, we understand that roughly 20% of properties on the mountain are now listed for sale. This reflects current economic uncertainty and is not unique to Apex. A contributing factor may also be ongoing uncertainties about future direction of the hill itself. After all, the ski hill remains the fundamental reason for the existence of the community. And it is definitely an important regional recreation and tourism asset.

So it is important that Apex continues to operate and that it remains a viable and sustainable operation. The intent of Provincial policy is to ensure this by providing Crown land for development. When land development slows, this incentive is less important.

This raises questions about the adequacy of Provincial policy to ensure sustainable operations. For example, what approaches ensure re-capitalization of capital facilities as they age? Are marketing efforts adequate? Is the Provincial policy adequately addressing market conditions and ensuring sustainability concerns?

So, should APOA press further on these issues? If so, your active interest and participation will be necessary. We all love our quiet “locals mountain” but want to see the resort and the community prosper for the families of today and the future.

More recently, APOA successfully advocated for the painting and “spruce up” of the village and lunchroom. Should we continue with this type of activity, or should we simply be a watchdog group that only springs to action when there is a larger issue such as the prospect of a nearby mine? The APOA Board requires your feedback.

Concerns have been raised regarding nearby logging operations. Should APOA take those concerns to the Ministry responsible? If so, active volunteers are needed! If you are interested in taking on a project or other responsibilities by being a Board member or liaison person to help ensure that the Apex community thrives, please contact:

Your APOA Board is a conduit, and is doing its best, but more active interest and participation is requested from the membership. We are asking that you let us know your ideas and views on what needs to be done, and also please confirm your willingness to serve as a Board member or a member of a working committee.

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