APOA survey results are in!

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Last winter we included a member survey with one of our mailouts. We had 29 returns from approximately 150 sent out. That is almost 20%. That is considered a favorable return rate for a mailout survey. I will give an overview of what the numbers represent.

The respondants were all satisfied with the Mission Statement. There were no changes suggested.

When asked to indicate their preferences of Board Activities and Committees, there was a general consensus to maintain or increase current activities. The priorities were for communications, community planning and management, and RDOS Liaison.

The priority topics which were chosen for the APOA to represent you on were, Resort Master Plan and Official Community Plan, Fire Protection, Environment, Trails, and Resort and Village Management.

Other topics which were brought forth include, ski-in/ski-out access, extending ski season to mid-April, Hill upgrades, especially the Triple Chair, Beetle impact, paving the Circle and posting addresses for Emergency Services.

People were asked to identify their level of satisfaction on Village Management, Ski Hill Operations, Resort/Community Planning, Utilites Services, RDOS Services and Management of Surrounding Environment. The level of satisfaction was generally Average. Resort/Community Planning was singled out as Poor. Management of surrounding environment was also of concern.

The general expectation is that APOA will actively advocate with the Resort, the RDOS and the Province.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete your survey. It helps us to know what is important to the membership of the APOA. It also helps to validate that we are focusing on the right issues.

Cindi Lou Baker

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