APOA Newsletter March 2012

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The APOA AGM was a disappointment for numbers in attendance—a little over 30, including the Executive and guest speakers, but a great meeting for information and sharing ideas amongst the very participatory attendees. Thank you to those who came—it was really appreciated.

Our Area D representative Tom Siddon fielded a number of questions and spoke about the 3 issues he sees as pertinent up here: The Fire Brigade, water and sewer and rezoning. He seems interested in whatever concerns were expressed and your Board will keep him in the APOA loop via our newsletters and will contact him regarding particular areas of concern the Board has identified. He is open to hearing from you so e-mail him at tsiddon@rdos.bc.ca or call 250-492-0237. We anticipate a good working relationship with him.

President of the Fire Brigade Society Gary Vollet reported on their activities and that more members are needed as well as more equipment. It is imperative this group be active, trained and ready—they protect us and our properties so if you can serve, do. A number of members will be going to an intensive training in Oliver in May. The APOA voted at the meeting to give them $1000 towards whatever they deem it necessary to use it for.

APOA member Ron Mason spoke about the issue of so many trees standing around our properties and suggested we all take the responsibility to thin them out, limb them and clean up the forest floor debris around our cabins/houses. There is a fire break around the village but the village itself is the campfire. He has a good point. We all can certainly consider this and take steps to work on our properties—good supply of firewood at any rate for our wood stoves.

James Shalman did a power point on the resort past and present and fielded questions. He spoke about terrain additions and improvements, real estate, marketing strategies, summer maintenance upcoming and land the Resort recently acquired for residential development. The Resort has ongoing meetings with the P.I.B. to resolve issues concerning the Resort Master Plan but agreement has not been reached.

Board Reports were as follows:

  • Julia Valenti–President’s report
  • Phil Rathjen–Membership and Creekview Crossing
  • Phyllis Matthew–Argo
  • Road maintenance and Barry Leigh–Treasurer’s report.

PLEASE renew you memberships NOW for the 2012/2013 season. It makes our Treasurer’s job easier when the renewals come in at the end of the season and then the start of the next season has everyone paid up. Membership stands at around 80 which is low considering there are 600 or so properties here. But we are thankful for your support and even at this number, we DO have a voice that can and will be heard as necessary.

There will be on more newsletter sent after the Board meets for the final time this season and before the off season recess.


Until then,


Julia Valenti–President APOA

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