APOA Newsletter — April 10th 2012

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This is the final newsletter for the season. The Board will have one more summer meeting to take care of any loose ends from 2011-12 and start up with meetings for 2012-2013 in December.

The Board and Executive remains the same as this past 2011-2012 season:

  • Julia Valenti–President
  • Phil Rathjen–Vice President
  • Suzie Anderson–Secretary
  • Barry Leigh–Treasurer
  • Board Members
    • Phyllis Matthews
    • Jane Drapeau
    • Geri Sobool
    • Steve La Prairie


Here are some highlights from our Apr. 3rd. Board meeting:

  1.  All of our Board meeting agendas will be posted on the APOA website in the 2012/13 season. This will allow members to input our discussions if so desired.
  2. Phil Rathjen has written a letter to the Ministry of Transportation, Argo, James Shalman and Tom Siddon about the dangerous situation at Creekview Crossing. In addition, he is meeting with someone from the Ministry to get resolute action towards rectifying this unacceptable interface between traffic and skiers/boarders.
  3. Geri Sobool has written general manager of the Herald Andre Martin about the fact that Apex is never given press in J.P. Squire’s weekend outdoors column. There has possibly been a long standing disagreement between Apex and the paper. We feel the APOA is in a position to express concern about this and hopefully Mr. Martin will request that Apex again submit press releases for publication in the weekly column. As property owners, we want Apex to thrive and mention in this column is important in bringing people to our hill.
  4. Geri Sobool will write a letter to the Gunbarrel expressing concerns the Board members have regarding the level of service, product and ambience at the establishment. As property owners, we want all village businesses to thrive as a healthy business community reflects our property values. We are not intending to criticise but rather express Board concerns that perhaps improvements could be forthcoming. Also included in this letter will be mention of the state of the cafeteria. As property owners, we want our village businesses to succeed. Please let us know your thoughts on this.
  5. Steve LaPrairie reported that the resort is again/still looking at some sort of bathroom facility at the Triple. He was encouraged by some Board members to make this a reality as it has been an ongoing issue for far too many years.
  6. A redesign of our APOA flyer will be done by Phil Rathjen, Jane Drapeau and Julia Valenti. The flyer will be sent out in the November water bills.
  7. Apex Mountain Resort is owned by:

    Ted Garnett
    Dean Garnett
    Brian Martin
    Bruce Martin
    Laurie Hoi
    Louise Burgart
    Larry Halbauer
    Steve LaPrairie

  8. Jane Drapeau will be working with our website manager John Matthews to redesign our membership form.
  9. As of Apr. 3rd., 48 members had renewed. Thank you to those that have. If you haven’t. PLEASE do so.

    Send a $25 check to:

    Box 23016
    Penticton, BC
    V2A 8K3

The next newsletter will be sent to paid members only.

Enjoy all of your off snow adventures.


Julia Valenti, President, APOA

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