APOA Membership Drive!

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It is time once again to renew your membership with the Apex Property Owners Association. The cost remains at $25. per property. The money collected from the yearly fee helps us to be active in the many issues facing us as property owners. It helps pay for mailouts and this web page. It covers the cost of meeting room rentals, insurance, etc. By becoming invloved in your community you help to make it a better place to work, play, live and have fun.

We are having our 3rd Annual Appie Crawl and Membership Earlybird Drive. This year it is on Jan.7/06. We are starting at the Fresh Tracks Cafe and Catering which was formerly the Hog on the Hill. Nikki will treat us to some of her fine cooking. She is able to get a special events license to serve alcoholic beverages. We are starting there between 5 and 530. We will be there until 7pm when we head to the Gunbarrel Saloon to see what Colin has in store for our taste buds. We will be there until 830 at which time we will be going over to the 3:30 Grill for more Appies as well as some desserts. This is a change from what the newsletter said as we were thinking of just desserts at the 3:30 Grill, but I gave my head a shake and remembered back to last years Social and what an amazing spread they put on for us. We will also be having the prize draws at the 3:30 Grill. All memberships that are paid on or before the 7th of January are entered into the draws. You don’t have to be there to win a prize, but you want to be there because we have a ton of fun! The cost for this Social is $20.You just pay at the Fresh Tracks. We will be there to collect the money for the Social and the Memberships Fees. I hope to see you there! If this isn’t super clear and you have any questions, you can call me, Cindi Lou @ 292-8353.

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