Agenda For Next Meeting – Sept. 19th.

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 Apex Property Owners Board  Meeting Agenda for Sept. 19th. 2012


  1. Call to order
  2. Review minutes of July 5th. Board meeting
  3. Treasurer’s report—Barry Leigh
  4. Argo report-Phyllis Matthews
  5. Creekview Crossing sign—Gerri Sobool/Phil Rathjen
  6. Newspaper coverage in J.P. Squire’s Herald column-Geri Sobool
  7. Apex Matters-Julia Valenti
  8. Our website changes
    1. Registration form, Internet link  and Paypal-Barry Leigh
    2. Garnet Mine info. and Rock Oven Grill—Julia Valenti
  9. Membership list and new members-Barry Leigh
  10.  APOA brochure—Julia Valenti
    1. Go over exisiting brochure for possible changes
    2. Confirm new brochure will be printed and ready for Nov. water bill mail-out (Phil Rathjen/Jane Drapeau)
  11. APOA  social event in 2012/2013 season-Julia Valenti
  12. /13.  Guest Sean Witte to give Resort update  and a of review Steve                                                                                                      

         LaPrairie’s Resort report at July  5th. Board meeting.

      14. Adjourn

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