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An open letter to Apex property owners


The APOA Board is writing to encourage your membership in the Apex Property Owners Association, which represents the property interests of its members.  APOA was established as a society in 1995 to represent the interests of member property owners at Apex.  Although the specific topics and issues change from time to time, that fundamental purpose remains unchanged.

Heavy rainfall precluded attendance for many mountain property owners at our March 24, 2007 annual general meeting. Issues of importance to us all were brought forward, including community wildfire protection initiatives. We also heard that escalating insurance costs for property owners in unprotected areas such as Apex is becoming a growing concern. The APOA has heard these concerns and continues its efforts to address them.

APOA remains a focal point for discussions with Apex Mountain Resort, the Regional District, Provincial Ministries and resource development companies on a range of topics. These include resort master planning, community planning, fire protection including wildfire protection, solid waste, road maintenance, resource harvesting impacts and so on.  When any of these organizations seek input from the community, they look to the APOA as a contact.  For that reason alone, having a viable society in place is important.

Even as a volunteer organization, APOA has expenses.  For example as a registered society we must carry liability insurance, and it takes over 40 annual memberships to cover that expense alone each year.  A portion of membership fees is used to support necessary web-hosting.  As well there are AGM facility rentals, postal box rental and various routine costs which your membership fee supports.

In return for your fees, volunteer APOA board members endeavour to serve as the “voice” of member property owners throughout the year. We therefore hope you will renew your membership or join for the first time.

We also ask you to encourage your neighbours to join.  Privacy laws preclude us from obtaining existing lists of property owners. Therefore one-on-one contact assistance remains an essential way of linking up.

APOA membership has never been easier.  With our recent upgrades to the website it is now possible for you to:

  • Register at www.apexpropertyowner.com/join.html. You will automatically be added to the APOA newsletter mailing list.
  • Pay your membership fee online via credit card, or
  • Mail your cheque to  APOA at  PO Box 20116, Penticton, BC V2A 8K3.

Thanks for your consideration of this membership appeal, and hope to see you at the fall social on September 2.

Sincerely yours,

Denis O’Gorman

Past President, APOA

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