General Outline of Duties


  • Chair Board and Executive Meetings
  • Report to AGM
  • Represent APOA as initial contact point
  • Direct initiatives and issues to committees
  • Represent APOA at external meetings (along with committee chairs and representatives as agreed) or arrange for designates
  • Prepare draft agendas
  • Liaise with Board members on current topics/issues
  • Draft formal APOA correspondence as required


  • Chair meetings in absence of President
  • Assume President’s duties in absence of President


  • Maintains  Board Committee contact list
  • Maintains APOA membership data base and mailing list in cooperation with Treasurer
  • Records and distributes Board meeting minutes
  • Maintains Board records and Organization Statement
  • Coordinates APOA e-mail correspondence


  • Provides brief financial reports to APOA executive and directors at regular meetings and reports to membership at AGM.
  • Keeps records of expenses, cheques written, and monthly bank statements.
  • Pays bills and makes bank deposits.
  • Collects mail regularly from APOA postal box (or arrange for this) currently by  President.
  • Relays membership applications to APOA Secretary.
  • Maintains required information for cheque signing officers.
  • Sells new and renewed memberships at APOA social functions and the Annual General Meeting and other appropriate events.
  • Receives membership applications and fees and maintains master membership (and contact) list.