Committee Structure

Not all of the following committees are currently active.  Committees are staffed by volunteers as required to meet the current operating needs of the APOA Board.



  1. Communicate with APOA members via newsletter (online and print versions)
  2. Keep information current on APOA web page
  3. Increase APOA profile through other promotions
  4. Special initiatives


  1. Coordinate production of APOA newsletters (online and print versions)
  2. Manage the APOA website
  3. Manage contributions to Apex Matters and other promotional materials as required.

Community Safety


  1. Foster greater personal and property security.


  1. Explore feasibility and options for implementing an community safety association.
  2. Examine potential linkages with VF Brigade.


Members: President, Vice – President,  Past – President, Secretary, Treasurer


  1. Review strategic priorities
  2. Initiate/approve priority projects
  3. Review committee reports
  4. Provide direction on issues
  5. Reports to Members as required


  1. Agenda Planning
  2. Policy Proposals- initial review
  3. Board Development
  4. Board Nominations
  5. AGM Planning

Environment and Resource Management

Task 1: Encouraging and assisting Government, where possible, in implementing the recreation and environment objectives for the Apex Recreation Management Zone established by the Okanagan Shuswap Land and Resource Management Plan.


  1. Identification and representation of APOA member interests to governments, companies, other NGOs, and the public as required.
  2. Support for and participation in cooperative land-use planning projects.
  3. Advocacy of land management practices which protect the integrity of the environment in the Apex area.
  4. Representation of APOA perspectives to the public and media as required.

Task 1: Maintaining the integrity of the Okanagan Vista recreational trail network and its surrounding environment.

Task 2: Supporting Community Wildfire Protection Planning


  1. Encouraging (and where possible assisting) the Regional District, the Protection Branch (Forest Service), forest licensees and other agencies in developing and implementing a wildfire risk reduction and protection plan for the Apex community.
  2. Meeting with the Regional District and its consultants to discuss needs, encourage funding and provide input into studies and action proposals.

Forestry Advisory Committee


  1. Ensure Apex property owners are considered an important “local stakeholder” with respect to forestry issues.
  2. Ensure the APOA membership is kept informed of forestry issues in our area.
  3. Provide feedback to industry and government during the forestry consultation process.


  1. Maintain positive and productive communication with the forestry industry operating in the Apex – Nickel Plate area.
  2. Provide ongoing information to the APOA membership on forestry issues.
  3. Review and comment on all cut block proposals and forest stewardship plans related to the area.

Highways and Roads


  1. To represent APOA on matters of highway safety and construction with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.
  2. To represent APOA on matters of highway and local road maintenance with ARGO.


  1. To meet with Ministry officials regarding needed major repairs and upgrades.
  2. To meet with Argo regarding winter snow clearing, summer dust control, signage and minor repairs.

Membership Strategy

Objectives :

  1. Develop strategies to sustain and increase membership in APOA.
  2. Manage Communications and other initiatives to promote membership.

Task: Promote membership in APOA

Resort and Community Planning

Members: Denis O’Gorman

Task: APOA Input to Apex Resort Master Plan

Task Objectives:

To provide representation on an advisory “Steering committee” updating the current Resort Master Plan which is required by the BC Government.

The phases are

  • Visioning (present state)
  • Develop concepts
  • Identify preferred concept with input from agencies, First Nations and the public
  • Submit a proposed Master Plan (Part of Master Development Agreement) to the Province for review and approval.

Status: Apex management indicates the technical work is suspended pending assistance from the Province respecting consultation with the Penticton Indian Band.

The OCP at Apex inevitably must take its direction from the Apex Resort Master Plan which directs the conversion and development of Crown land into privately held land governed by the OCP.

Updating of the OCP (Task 2) is pending progress in updating the Apex Resort Master Plan as noted above.

Social Committee


  1. Organize periodic social functions for APOA members.
  2. Liaise with Apex Mountain Guest Services/Events coordinator.
  3. Encourage membership through these social functions.


  1. Organize Autumn Social
  2. Organize Spring/AGM Social
  3. Foster, encourage and organize other community events