P2080602The Apex Property Owners Association (APOA) is the non-profit organization representing the interests of Apex Resort property owners on a diversity of topics and issues in relation to government agencies, Apex Mountain Resort, and various other parties. APOA strives to support the sustainability of the resort community and the environmental resources of the Apex area.

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  • Video Presentation: 25 yrs of Harvesting @ Apex

    This week representatives from the APOA Forestry Advisory Committee met with government staff from the forest ministry and from 3 of the 4 timber harvest licensees who have been actively harvesting in the Apex area:  LSIB, Weyerhaeuser and Gorman Brothers. The APOA, Nickel Plate Nordic Centre, and Apex Resort

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  • APOA presents to RDOS Directors

    On March 21, 2019, Jeff Brown, Chair of the APOA Forestry Committee presented to the RDOS Directors.   The presentation and speaker notes can be found here: APOA presentation to RDOS  The topic was the upcoming changes to the Forest and Range Practices Act, and how the APOA feels

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  • 2019 APOA AGM

    APOA Annual General Meeting
    Sunday, March 24, 2019
    3 PM
    Apex Mountain Inn Meeting Room

    As well as APOA committee reports, Area I Director Subrina Monteith will provide her RDOS update. James Shalman will summarize resort activities and future plans. Jeff Brown will provide an update on what is happening

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  • APOA Board Meeting – Jan 13, 2019

    In Attendance:  Arnie, Liz, Diane, Barry, Subrina

    1. Season Opener event: 65 people attending
    2. Facebook page, more people are joining
    3. Dog patrol, there were 29 complaints to Bylaw enforcement last quarter from Apex resort. They are patrolling and warning people to have dogs on leash
    4. Roads, there

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