Winter 2017 Newsletter

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APOA Newsletter Winter 2017

APOA Fall Newsletter 2016

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November 2015 Newsletter

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Almost Winter Greetings to You All–

Since the APOA AGM in March, your Board has had spring, summer and fall Board meetings dealing with challenges that affect our Apex lifestyle and finding solutions to those challenges. A winter meeting is planned early in the new year then one more before the March AGM where new Board members get elected and the cycle repeats, as has happened since 1994 when the APOA was initiated by concerned and proactive Apex property owners working to protect and improve the Apex alpine community.

Your current Board has many long serving members, one now for 16 years!, and others from I to 9 years. There WILL be some Board members stepping down in March of 2016 and yep, new Board members will be needed.

We all want to come up here to our happy place and let the rest of the world go by, forget all concerns and simply enjoy the great outdoors. But the truth is, without the APOA Board and the APOA membership supporting Board endeavors with annual membership dues and their input at the AGM, the great outdoors stands to be decidedly different if our diligence in maintaining it as a recreationist’s paradise founders because we have no Board and no Association. There are constant threats to our trails and the health of the forest (logging) and thus threats to our safety on the roads up here (logging truck traffic).

However, your APOA Forestry Committee has been at the forefront of protecting our trails and forests and some strides towards successful protection are being made. Property values have dropped and sales slumped but with new and current directions being taken by the RDOS, there is optimism Apex is on its way to beneficial changes with a new Official Community Plan and a Governance Study for Area D. These issues and more are described, in brief, in this newsletter. Another newsletter will be sent at the beginning of the year delving into these issues in detail. As well, each Apex Matters will have an article about APOA endeavors.

The point being made is we will need new Board members if we are to continue the good and important work of the APOA. The successes you accomplish through serving— rewarding, both personally and communally. The successes to the environment and preservation of recreational trails— invaluable. The people you work with–awesome team players..


A number of meetings were held from spring through early fall with District and Provincial governments, the forestry companies,Native Bands and recreational stakeholders. Our reps in attendance, at any given time, were Jeff Brown, Denis O’Gorman, Barry Leigh and Julia Valenti. The meetings were “eye opening”educational regarding the turning wheels of commerce, who turns that wheel and in what direction! There was a Memorandum of Understanding signed between all parties and in essence, logging using clear-cutting methods still takes place in our alpine. Jeff and Denis, Forestry Committee members, did their absolute utmost to have recreation recognized, addressed and valued and the details of the memorandum show progress on various issues has been made. But the dialog has just begun and the APOA needs to be in the game for the long haul if we are to preserve our trails and protect the forest. The upside is we were all at the table together and these meetings are to take place yearly in order to express our needs and concerns.


This conference initiative was put into motion at the March AGM when the membership approved using APOA funds to hire Kyle Hilsendager, PHD. to contact recreational and tourism groups through-out B.C via a survey he wrote querying their use of the forest and their experience interfacing with industry in the forest. Prior to that, it was the work of our Forestry Committee chair, Board member Jeff Brown, and Denis O’Gorman, member at large, who researched logging practises here and further afield, spending 3 yrs of study that culminated in this conference. Board member Barry Leigh was also involved in these beginnings.

After the survey results were in, Lyndie Hill from HooDoo Adventures volunteered to pull together a conference so recreationists could come together at a grassroots level to focus on the issue that the collective interests of B.C.’s diverse recreation oriented stakeholders are not always being addressed adequately within current forestry regulation practises. Jeff’s wife Elena became the super worker bee via e-mails and phone calls to gather just under 30 attendees representing 19 recreational and tourism groups together to spend 8 hrs. discussing the disconnect between the logging, recreational and tourism industries who all use the forest and ways to develop a strategy that creates a win win for all.

The conference resulted in 2 Provincial level tourism/recreation groups organizing the next conference, taking the conversation to the next level. The goal is to change forestry regulation practises so that the monetary and health benefits of recreation and tourism are recognized, accommodated and valued in those changes.


Last year there was an RDOS open house in Kaleden at which Apex residents could express their ideas and concerns regarding the community. Those results are in, many meetings have been held and a draft community plan has been drawn up. You can learn all about this at the next open house, Nov. 18th., 5-8 p.m., Kaleden Elementary School, 152 Linden Avenue. Click on http//www.d-/ to view the draft OCP. Go to Library, then Reports and you will see Area D-1 and from there find Apex under item 7.2. APOA member Andrew Allin is our RDOS Area D rep and has taken many specific Apex needs to the table which are to be given consideration in the OCP.


For the next several months a consultant working with a citizen’s group will be examining the governance structure in Area D. The study will explore and propose options within the current regional district structure to improve the way in which Area D is governed and the way local services are delivered. Early in 2016, feedback will be asked of the communities via surveys as well as an open house. Our rep is member at large Myleen Mallach who sits on the committee. Go to for more information and read Apex Matters for continual updates on the progress of this study.


This page has diverse postings and pictures regarding Apex. It is overseen by Board member Jenny Albrechson and member at large Clea Buchler.


Trucks are hauling until Dec. 15th. and possibly beyond. There has been one very serious accident with an Apex resident in a car, 2 haulers and one other industry truck. There was no collision but the resident was forced off the road, the car going over an embankment and the driver jumping out to safety. The car is a write off and the driver thankfully okay. This incident is being investigated by police and Board member Phyllis Matthews who is our Argo rep. This accident also reveals the intense conflict between industry and recreation and this is a situation that needs immediate attention and action in order for safety to be forefront with logging truck drivers and the industry itself.

BE VERY AWARE as you go up and down the hill and drive with full attention Those trucks can be out there day or night.


We are still looking for a volunteer to work with our web guy John Matthews in updating our site and giving it a fresh vibe. It would only entail one meeting with John to decide a few changes. Contact Julia at if you have the skills to help out. You will be given guidelines as to the content we are looking to add.


Our annual season kick-off social is SAT. DEC. 12TH., 4 TO 6 P.M. at THE ROCK OVEN GRILL. $5 drink specials for beer,wine and highballs and an assortment of appetizers courtesy of the APOA. This is a MEMBERS ONLY event so if you bring or invite a non member, they must become one! $30 a yr. for a property owner, $15 a yr. for non-property owner. Renew your membership or join up at this event. The turn-out has always been good for this so come out and enjoy getting reconnected with all your snow buddies.


Your Board members are:

  • Julia Valenti, Pres.
  • Diane Pew- Vice President
  • Barry Leigh-Treasurer
  • Suzie Anderson-Secretary
  • Jeff Brown-Chair, Forestry Committee
  • Phyllis Matthews–Argo Rep
  • Jenny Albrechtson–Argo Rep in training and Facebook Page


Julia Valenti, Pres. APOA