APOA Board Meeting – Nov 28, 2018

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In attendance: Arnie, Barry, Diane, Jeff, Liz, Subrina.
  • Season opening social is being catered at Apex Mountain Inn by Chad and Colin (Edge Bistro)
    • Diane will ask Mike Dugan, James Shalman, Tricia Wilson (new Nickel Plate GM), Apex Fire Brigade rep. to attend.
    • Subrina will give RDOS update
      (Note: The social had to be pushed out one week and Subrina has a previous commitment.  She will provide an RDOS update to read at the social. )
    • Jeff will do a forestry committee update
  • Enhancing our presence
    • Subrina’s Facebook page has been set up, has been shared with “official” Apex village Facebook page
    • Jeff will put board meeting minutes summary on website after each board meeting.
  • Treasurers report
    • $40 spent for website and domain.
    • Will set up ability to use e-transfer to pay for APOA membership
  • Road report – Subrina attended Argo meeting with Jenny and provided the report
    • Argo will start prioritizing Apex roads before road to Nickel Plate (e.g. so school kids can get to school bus)
    • Argo will start towing cars parked on road
    • Jenny asked them to be proactive rather than reactive when snow is forecast.
  • Forestry committee report
    • Subrina to arrange Linda Larson, Subrina, APOA meeting
    • After meeting, Jeff to call a forestry committee meeting to discuss and plan next steps
  • Potential topics for discussion at upcoming meetings with area MLAs Dan Ashton & Linda Larson:
    • Forestry
    • Proposal to expand Nickel Plate Park
    • Jurisdiction and protection of riparian areas within village
    • Hazard of sleds on roadways, noise of sleds on roads, in valleys near Apex
  • Subrina’s RDOS update:
    • Still no official update on transfer station
    • Wildfire protection is in top 5 of RDOS director priorities
    • Diesel has joined Area I planning committee for land use and planning variances.
    • Sabrina is investigating the history of the transfer station funding and where the funding has been spent, and where the funding is at.  Arnie expressed his concern that RDOS hasn’t been able to close this issue for many years.
    • Subrina has asked RDOS staff to do a full zoning and bylaw review. She is looking to creating an approach to making bylaws more area specific.
  • Next board meeting Sun Jan 13 at Apex.

APOA Board Meeting – Nov 8, 2018

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Abridged Minutes:
  • Sabrina Monteith, our new RDOS Area I Director, attended our board meeting.
  • ARGO stakeholder meeting is on Nov. 14. Jenny A. will attend, as will Subrina.
  • Forestry committee update:
    • Provincial government tabled Bill 49 which changed how resource professional associations are regulated and governed by the gov’t. This was in response to the recommendations from the Professional Reliance Report earlier this year.  This change is only in response to the 1st two recommendations of the report’s 121 recommendations.  It will not have any immediate impact on Apex residents, but in the long term looks to be a significant improvement on government oversight of the professional associations involved in natural resource management.
    • Peachland is a test case for a substantial industry, government, First Nation cooperative effort at wildfire risk reduction.  The process involved selective logging by Gormans (reducing fuel load but leaving the large fire-resistant trees), then a prescribed burn managed by First Nations and funded by provincial gov’t, then replanting with deciduous trees (which are far less fire prone than conifers). Sabrina and John Davies (wildfire consultant for RDOS) will look into the possibility of having more wildfire work done at Apex.
  • Social committee – Dec. 8th will be the date for APOA’s 2018-2019 Season Opener Social at the hotel at Apex
  • Sabrina Monteith update:
    • Some movement on the transfer station.  Public information should be available.
    • Sabina is looking for an Apex person to sit on the district land use planning counsel. APOA recommended various names, Subrina will follow up with them.
    • Sabina is going to start an Apex Residents Facebook page.  This will be a property owner’s only page used for enhancing RDOS-Apex Resident communications.
    • Sabina also emphasized that “RDOS is complaint driven”, so if something is not right — noise, snow clearing, etc. — the best way of getting results is by contacting the RDOS (e.g. bylaw enforcement) and describe the issue.
  • After much discussion it was decided to remove the strata membership option and have only individual property owner memberships.  The strata option has caused a fair bit of confusion among the membership, and most importantly has turned out to be overly complex and time consuming to keep track of.  The board feels the $30 per household APOA membership fee is extremely affordable, and likely is not a deterrent for joining APOA.  We’ll explore implementing an eTransfer option for paying the $30 to make it simpler for owners to join.
  • Next APOA Board meeting is on November 29th