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Area D Governance Study LogoThe Electoral Area “D” Governance Study Committee met with Leftside Partners, the consultants who the committee has retained to conduct the Electoral Area “D” Governance Study.

In an effort to understand the diversity of the Electoral Area and the varying needs in each part of the Electoral Area, the consultants joined various committee members in touring the Electoral Area on September 21 and 22, 2015. Tour sites included Upper Carmi, Heritage Hills/Lakeshore Highlands, Skaha Estates, Okanagan Falls, Kaleden, Vaseux Lake, Twin Lakes/St. Andrews and Apex Mountain.

The committee and consultants look forward to engaging with citizens regarding the governance study in the coming months. Fact Sheets detailing each service provided by the Regional District are being created and will be distributed widely. Governance Forums will be held in the various areas, and surveys will be provided in central locations and on the webpage. Information and updates on the study will be posted to local neighbourhood bulletin boards.

Citizen input is critical to this process and it is hoped that people will come out to the various forums and meetings, write or email to the contacts provided in the coming weeks and have their say!

The committee would like to emphasize to citizens that all committee meetings are open to the public. Meetings details can be found at www.rdos.bc.ca, go to popular links an Area “D” Governance Study or call the contact below for more information.

For further information, please contact Christy Malden, Manager of Legislative Services, at (250) 492-0237 or info@rdos.bc.ca.

Gov Study Article & Ad – Oct-15


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1. Call to order

2. Approval of Mar. 22nd. 2014 AGM agenda minutes

3. Approval of this agenda—call for additions/deletions

4. Board reports:

    Pres.—Julia Valenti

    Treasurer and membership-Barry Leigh

    Argo. Rd. Maintenance—Phyllis Matthews

    Council of Strata Councils—Jeff Brown

    Forestry Advisory Committee—Jeff Brown

5. Plaque from APOA in memory of Louise Burgart—announcement—Suzie Anderson

6. Donation from APOA to Apex Fire Brigade Society—$500

7. Chief Mike Polwykan—Fire Brigade update—3 min.

8. Andrew Allin—RDOS Citizens Committee report—3 min.

9. Mike Stahl—Argo Rd. Maintenance update—3 minutes

10. Motion: To expand last year’s authorization to spend some of our rainy day fund on developing a recreation plan.  We will now include the potential hiring of a professional communications person to assist us in driving the regulatory and policy changes needed to protect the recreation and tourism values of our area. The ultimate need for, and the amount to spend will be at the discretion of the Forestry Advisory Committee and the APOA Board.

11. Call for candidates to stand for Board election

12. Election of Board members

13. James Shalman—Resort update—10/12 minutes

14. Q. and A. for James—10/12 minutes

15. Adjourn

First Newsletter 2014/15 Season

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Winter greetings from Apex, thanks to a hearty snowfall earlier today but which may not last with the sun that has now come out, just as hearty. Snow guns start today and the temp is minus 8 so that bodes well for those flakes to start building up in anticipation of the Dec. 6th opening.

Here are some updates on what your Board has been working on/dealing with from July and Oct. Board meetings and in no particular order:

  1. July Trash Bash—APOA member Elena Tilton and Board member Diane Pew organized a most successful clean-up of the village and surrounding area. 30 volunteers from our membership, 2 and a half hrs. work, about 55 garbage bags full and a few pick-up loads of stuff too big for bags got the mountain looking and feeling a whole lot better. An APOA sponsored BBQ was enjoyed by all on the Gunbarrel deck at the end of the clean-up and there was much laughter and camaraderie shared.
  2. Donation of an Automated Emergency Defibrillator—Members Jeff Burko and wife Emma bought a unit at Sheeprock in Feb. 2014 and reside in Tswassen. Jeff is 30 yrs. with the B.C. Ambulance Service, Emma retired from paramedic service in the U.K. and they own and operate PEAK Emergency Response Training. They are both with the Apex Fire Brigade. They recently and generously donated an AED, oxygen delivery system, airway equipment and first aid supplies for use on the mountain. Thank you, Jeff and Emma, for getting involved in the Apex community and contributing to the recovery of any mountain visitor who may have a health issue that requires the use of the equipment.
  3. Council of Strata Councils—A new group conceived by Board member Jeff Brown and helped put into motion by member Carol Zumpano. Each condo complex to have a rep. on the Council and attend a few meetings a season to collaborate about hiring tradesmen, insurance issues, snow removal and any concerns that are common to all. Reps to date are: Keremeos Creek—Jeff Brown; Sundance—Dave Lieskovsky; Copper Creek—-Jill Lindsay; Strayhorse Townhouses—Jon Milligan; Apex Mt. Inn—Paul Smith; Clearview—Carol Zumpano. To date there was a meeting of Keremeos Creek, Sundance and Clearview Reps with a concrete and concrete sealant company.
  4. Vacation Rentals—After a number of meetings and a fair bit of confusion and revision, it seems the RDOS has devised a policy concerning vacation rentals at Apex. In summary: A. Vacation rentals are a permitted use, subject to compliance with the requirements of section 7.28 of the Zoning Bylaw and there is no need to obtain RDOS approval or pay any fees. B. No monitoring of rentals by the RDOS. C. If there is a noise or rowdiness issue with renters, the Bylaw Officer can be called 24/7 and he will attend. If there is a contravention of the zoning by-law, enforcement will ensue upon receipt of a written complaint to the RDOS. For further information or clarification, contact cgarrish@rdos.bc.ca- –Christopher Garrish.
  5.  Tax Assessments—It has been brought to the Board’s attention by a member and a non-member that vacant lots have seen a huge increase in taxes. As a Board, we are monitoring the situation but have not set a policy or formed a sub-committee representing our membership as yet about these increases. In fact, if some of our members formed a committee to handle this, it would ease the workload of your Board.. It is not yet known if we will need an outcry against these increases as there is some inquiry being done but no answers back yet. In the event you will be a volunteer should a committee be needed, e-mail Julia at rjvalenti@nethop.net to let your name stand and you will be contacted in a timely manner.
  6. Argo and road maintenance—Our Board Rep Phyllis Matthews will be writing an update on this season’s road maintenance in the first issue of Apex Matters coming out the first part of Dec. The Board has written a strong letter to Argo asking for problem areas such as at Strayhorse Corner (rocks and gravel) and Whitetail Rd. (narrows as the season progresses and keyhole not properly cleared) to be taken care of and offering solutions that their drivers could expedite. We also asked that the meeting they were going to call with APOA and the Resort 2 YEARS AGO be called and we can all discuss the snow removal problem areas and find solutions.
  7. Apex Matters—Board members will be submitting articles for each issue as well as APOA display ads. Between newsletters, reading Apex Matters is the best way to keep up with APOA concerns.
  8. Forestry in the alpine—Board member Jeff Brown reports that there has been no change in existing cut blocks but there was one added on the south end of Nickel plate at the back end of Beaconsfield Mt., by Sn’pink’tn Forestry. A cut permit has not been applied for but it is ribboned. The APOA is supposed to be notified before cutting takes place. There has been no further cutting, clean-up or replanting on Green Mt. North of Nickel Plate was being clear-cut by Weyerhaeuser all summer. Jeff and Denis O’Gorman are to meet with Weyerhauser in December.
  9. Meeting with James Shalman, G.M. of Apex Mt. Resort and Board members Julia Valenti and Jeff Brown, Monday Nov. 10th. Highlights of this 2 hr. meeting:

    A. The Triple chair has a new Cummins diesel engine Although the engine, just like the old one , could run faster, the Ministry of Transport requires it run at the speed it does for safety concerns.

    B. The APOA Board requests a 24/7 emergency number be posted in the village for first-aid and policing issues. James will work on getting this done.

    C. Snowmobiles in the village can be dangerous, noisy at all hours and frequently be driven by kids that should not be doing so. The geography of the village and outlying areas dictates that snowmobiles CAN be in the village but that they need restrictions of speed, access and driver age put on them. Signage is to be erected stating these things. If snowmobile use is not compliant, take down the license number and/or description of the machine and report it to the office who will then report to the police and start a file. Snowmobiles are subject to the rules of the road and it is to all our advantage that they be used responsibly and offenders be caught.

    D. The Waste Transfer Station is on hold until such time as there is new ownership of Apex. Mt. Resort. The RDOS wants to move forward with station and a completion date is set for summer of 2015.

    E. The possibility of new ownership of the Resort is high. Another 2 weeks is required to address the last of the requirements to bring this to completion. Press releases will be issued as required.

    F. James will contact Argo to encourage better road maintenance.

    G. James will contact the organizer of the 3 hockey tournaments to ensure there is some policing re security and noise .

    H. Jeff has written a letter from the APOA Board to the B.C. Assessment office about the increase in taxes. James will also express the Resort’s concern over these increases.

    I. Jeff and the Resort to work together on signage and mapping for snowshoe trails for all levels and staff and a volunteer committee to post the signs.

    J. Brush clearing was done at the Triple. Claim Jumper has a new access off Rookies Trail and a beginner board park was added adjacent. The skier/boarder cross has had the tight curves rounded out.

    K. The Calgary/Penticton flights will be good for Apex and the Resort is working with Tourism Penticton and the city to promote the Mt. As well, press releases about Mt. happenings will be sent regularly to the newspapers and specifically, J.P.Squire’s column.

    L. The Apex Ski Club is screening the new Warren Miller film Thursday, Nov. 20th at the Cleland Theater with all proceeds going to the Club. Details on the Resort website.


  10. As we all are aware, the trash area we presently have is generally a mess with overflowing containers, trash blowing around, items left that should have been taken to the landfill. James said there are cameras in the area to catch illegal dumping but they don’t seem to be doing much good. He also said the company contracted to pick up trash can be slow in getting to it. Let’s make sure we are all using the trash area responsibly and taking only the items it can handle. All the other stuff has to be hauled off the hill by Resort staff and it is a time and money expense to do so.
  11. The Rock Oven Grill will be presenting pop/rock band The Groov-A-Matics again this year. Sunday dates from 6 to 9 p.m. are Dec. 21st, Jan. 18th, Feb.22nd and Mar.29th. The place was packed last year for each of the 4 Sundays and crazy fun was had by all. Trivia and dance contests with prizes, cowboy rope spinning and handstand dancing were presented and this year more of the same plus whatever else can be added. Come out and hear tunes you forgot you remembered from your shady past and share a few laughs, and dances, with your neighbors.
  12. Tom Siddon was elected as our Area D Director over Alan Whitman.
  13. There is an RDOS Citizen’s Committee in the works with representatives from each community in Area D meeting now and again to discuss their particular concerns and find solutions. APOA members Andrew Allin and Stan Duckworth have put their names forward as the Apex Reps and await notification of selection.
  14. Your Board is establishing a “good neighbor” policy this year in all dealings with the Resort, with the Apex community at large, with government, corporate establishments and, thinking forward, with the new owners. Apex is a small mt. village and there is no room for creating division and dissention in any situation. Having said that, let’s all get together and kick off the season with–



There will be very short presentations from the Resort, each Apex business owner, Apex Matters and some of the Board. $5.00 drink specials—wine, beer, highballs. Appies from the Rock Oven Grill menu hosted by the APOA . Renew your membership and bring a non-member with you and get them signed up too. Spread the word about the APOA—our membership stands around 75 and considering this could in actuality be around 700, we are sorely short of members. You can see by this newsletter that the APOA has a position of influence on protecting, enhancing and preserving the alpine lifestyle and the membership as a body can have a powerful voice when it is needed– taxes, forestry, recreational trail building, signing and mapping, village development to name a few. Your membership gives you , personally, a voice and your membership dues help your Board do the work , plus provide funding to host the upcoming social, the Trash Bash and anything else that brings the membership together. Let’s all come out in the spirit of good will and reconnect for this upcoming season. We’ll see YOU on Dec. 13th!
Julia Valenti, Pres., APOA and on behalf of the APOA Board

Trash Bash

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Join the Apex Property Owners’ Association for a

Trash Bash

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2014
Time: 10 to 12:30 for Cleanup; Lunch at 12:30
Location: Meet in main parking lot beside the Gunbarrel

Help pick up litter at the APOA Trash Bash. Enjoy the summer mountain-fresh air and catch-up with friends while pitching in to pick up litter and get Apex in tip-top shape for the 2014-2015 ski season!

After the cleanup, join in for a post cleanup cookout. So that we can plan appropriately for food for the barbecue, please RSVP to Elena Tilton at etilton1@yahoo.com. We know plans frequently change during the summer months and truly appreciate you giving us an RSVP such that we don’t have too little or too much food for the big clean-up.

Bring your family, friends or just yourself and come on up to clear out the trash! Trash bags and gloves will be provided.

Again, RSVP by July 2 to etilton1@yahoo.com with the number of people attending the Trash Bash!

2014 AGM Presidents Report

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Hello Members—

The AGM was well attended Saturday Mar.22nd. with close to 60 taking the time away from family, the races or outdoor recreation to participate in a meeting presenting timely information about forestry in the alpine and zoning changes being considered by the RDOS for vacation rentals. Look on this website where the minutes of the AGM are posted as well as Jeff Brown’s power point presentation on forestry and the APOA’s next step in helping to create a policy for sustainable harvesting of trees and protection of alpine trails and viewscapes. From the minutes you can get an idea of what the alpine/community issues are and how they are being addressed. From the power point , you can get a comprehensive take on forestry–what is coming, what has to be done.

The Board’s positions on the vacation rental zoning changes are:

1.Temporary Use Permits for vacation rentals be fee structured to encourage buy-in and compliance– ie. minimal.
2. TUP guidelines need to be explicitly clear.
3. Any penalties for non-compliance be collected by and payable to the RDOS.
4. Non-compliance to guidelines be monitored and enforced by the RDOS. This position was stated at the meeting , Tom Siddon and Donna Butler from RDOS both spoke to the issue and a 20 minute question/answer period took place. The RDOS will be holding another public hearing on the matter and you will most likely be notified of such, as you were before.

Staying on the Board to serve the 2014/15 season are Julia Valenti, Phil Rathjen, Barry Leigh, Suzie Anderson, Phyllis Matthews and Jeff Brown. Stepping down are Jane Drapeau and Geri Sobool. Newly acclaimed Board member is Dianne Pew. We thank Dianne for coming forward and offering her help to the Board whose members have been serving for many years but who stay because the work needs to be done and the results being achieved are positive and considerable. Plus, community service is gratifying!

Jane Drapeau served for several years–as a Board member,as President and as Past President. She handled a number of specific issues and was very good at keeping the Board on track following Robert’s Rules! Leaving this Board does not mean she is idle. She is the current Chair of the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation and Chair of the Capital Campaign for the Penticton Regional Hospital expansion. She also serves as a member of the steering committee for the Youth Esteem Project and is a volunteer for the Breakfast Learning Club at Queen’s Park Elementary. Her winter sports are cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and has been enjoying Apex for 30 yrs.

Geri Sobool served on the Board for 3 yrs. She worked on the issue of Creekview Crossing and Strayhorse Trail signage for vehicular traffic and skiers. She achieved success in getting more newspaper coverage for Apex in J.P. Squire’s column over the 2012/13 season as well as was a Board rep to the RDOS concerning the waste transfer station, again during the 2012/13 season. The next winter will be spent enjoying desert activities in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. Geri has been active in downhill skiing and snowshoeing and has been on the mountain over 30 yrs. and a property owner with husband Walter for 13.

Both these gals were conscientious and valuable Board members and are much appreciated for their contributions over the years.

First order of business for the Board is to have a meeting in May and decide Board positions for everyone. Then Jeff Brown will begin his forestry committee mandate, we will hopefully get a village clean-up day picked and send out a notice to members to pitch in, look at other alpine issues needing attention and then take time off until late summer when we have our 2014/15 season start-up Board meeting.

Are there other seasons besides winter? Oh yeah!–spring, summer and fall. Enjoy them all.

Happy Trails, Safe Travels

Julia Valenti
President, APOA


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    • Meeting called to order by President Julia Valenti at 2:05PM. 57 people present
    • Board members were introduced with special note made of Jane Drapeau & Geri Sobool who will be stepping off the Board.
    • Minutes were approved as submitted.
    • None
    • President’s–Julia Valenti President Julia recapped the Board’s activities for the year.
    • Treasurer’s report–Barry Leigh Barry reported revenues consisting mostly of memberships, with $920 in donations for the Forestry committee. A total of $4,131.87 income. Total expenses $4,029. Report on file.
    • Membership report–Phil Rathjen Phil reported that the memberships are up, but there are 700 property owners on the hill & our membership is only a small portion of that number.
    • Highways /Argo–Phyllis Matthews Phyllis reported that there is a new district manager for Argo. To date the residential roads are not satisfactory re snow removal. There has been an improvement at Creekview Crossing but Strayhorse corner is still problematic safety wise.
    • Council of Strata Councils–Jeff Brown Jeff presented the Council of Councils concept as a body to handle common problems and to possibly to have a voice on the APOA board. Carol Zumpano volunteered to coordinate and bring together representatives from the different stratas.
    • Snowmobile concerns/solutions thereof–Jeff Brown Snowmobile conduct has become problematic in the village. Stan Duckworth, hotel manager, said guests have left early because of late night noise, and the village is no longer peaceful. Jeff posed the question “Is the snowmobile issue something that APOA should address?” A majority show of hands was affirmative. Discussion points: RDOS has no noise bylaw. The Province is in the process of introducing new legislation regarding off road vehicles. James Shalman stated that Apex Mountain Resort does not want snowmobiles in the parking lot or village & they will be addressing the problem.
    • Dianne Pew will stand for election
    • Julia Valenti, Phyllis Matthews, Suzie Anderson, Jeff Brown, Barry Leigh, Phil Rathjen & Dianne Pew were elected by acclimation.
    • Rick Valenti reported the Brigade has 18 members, each with their own radio who train monthly year round and will be attending a motor vehicle first responder seminar in Oliver.
    • The Circle owners donated funds to have a new equipment shed built which is in place.
    • He reminded owners to make property safe upon leaving for the season.
    • Fire Brigade:
      Mr Siddon reported no funding has not been requested, but money is available with presentation of a budget.
    • Waste Transfer Station:
      RDOS recognizes problems with the present site and an alternative site is being looked at. The property owners will be responsible for paying for the new facility.
    • Future Logging:
      There has been no continuing dialogue to date.
    •  Zoning changes re Apex vacation rentals:
      Zoning amendments are complicated, the RDOS has introduced a temporary use permit. Mr. Siddon introduced Donna Butler the RDOS planner who made a presentation at the end of the meeting.
    • In her presentation Donna Butler explained the vacation rental intricacies and proposed zoning changes for residential areas at Apex. A lively discussion ensued with strong disapproval of the $700 temporary permit fee that is proposed. It would be $700 for the first year and then $700 per 3 year renewal. Another meeting will be held by RDOS for owners to provide input.
    • 2013-14 Season:
      James reported that it was an eventful season with Olympic teams training here, difficult weather challenges, and an electrical system failure on the Quad. Snow conditions on the coast forced a competition to be moved here which added to the heavy competition schedule. The Can AM Alpine event is being held here which attracts 200 skiers from all over the world. This will be a 2 year commitment. The Downhill event has been dropped because it monopolized too much of the mountain. The Brewski and Wine events were successful. The Wild Side is being groomed for the first time. A new 304 foot rail has been built with the intention of setting a Guiness World Record. Season Pass sales up 12%, local visits down, US visits up. 
    • Resort development plans:
      The electrical drive on the Quad will be replaced summer of 2014.
    • Jeff presented a Forestry Update & Developing a Recreation Plan for Apex 2013-14 Update, Moving from Reactive to Proactive, Making it happen. Report on file with minutes.
    • Meeting adjourned at 4:20PM

APOA Update from President Julia Valenti

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It has been a productive 2013/14 season of Board endeavor.July, October, January and March Board meetings addressed usual APOA concerns–association finances, garnering new and renewed memberships, printing APOA brochures, APOA website and g-mail account monitoring, road maintenance, and Apex Matters APOA articles and ads. In February, Board members Julia Valenti and Jeff Brown met with Resort Management and reps from Nickel Plate and the S. Okanagan Snowmobile Club to share information and ideas regarding recreational trails and snowmobile usage in and around the Village.Also, Board Directors communicated with the RDOS about the proposed waste transfer station and the proposed zoning changes for Apex vacation rental properties.


The Board continues to develop a long range vision and plan for protection of alpine recreational trails and securing government and industry safeguards for a forest that is harvested in a healthy and sustainable manner. The work of the Board on behalf of all members and all other property owners assures there is informed awareness of all issues affecting the alpine lifestyle and that input is given when needed.


The AGM in the conference room at the Apex Mt. Inn at 2 p.m. on Sat.,March 22nd. will present information of particular interest to membership and an important vote will take place regarding the financial needs of the forestry committee. RDOS Area D Director Tom Siddon will speak regarding zoning changes, the waste transfer station, logging and the fire brigade.Resort Management will give an update and there will be a fire brigade report.


Elections for the 2014/15 APOA operating season will take place. 2 of the 8 Directors are stepping down and 6 are standing for re-election. Would YOU put YOUR name forth as a Board member? Serving means 4 Board meetings a year, 1 AGM and being responsible for some aspect of Board work that requires but a few hours of time spread out over 4 months. The work is not difficult and it needs to be done. The APOA is THE grassroots organization that protects and improves the alpine community and the alpine environment. Your current Directors have literally been serving for years and while 6 are staying on, there is room for, a need for, new Directors to help those that have hung in there so long.


Renew your membership on the 22nd. at 1:30, before the 2 p.m. meeting kicks off. After the meeting, there will be an opportunity to socialize at the Rock Oven with $5 off dinner orders and $5 drinks.

Agenda for March 4th Board Meeting

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1. Call to order

2. Review/adopt minutes of Jan. 8th. 2014 Board meeting

3. Treasurer’s report/membership numbers—Barry Leigh

4. Membership report—( new brochures printed/open discussion tied into # 5)—Phil Rathjen

5. Associate member category for APOA—Jane Drapeau

6. Jeff Brown—-

A. Recap of Feb. 3rd. meeting with Jeff Brown/Julia Valenti (APOA Board), Rick Leslie (Nickel Plate), Mark Rufiange (snowmobilers), James Shalman/ Sean Witte (Apex Resort)

B. APOA to coordinate Apex Strata President’s meeting

C. Forestry Committee report

7. Julia Valenti

A. Board discussion of proposed RDOS Apex area zoning changes for vacation rentals/ Board position to be submitted to Tom Siddon

B. Discuss property values in relation to zoning changes, forestry in the alpine, Resort planning/direction/development, future of ski industry

C.. Review current duties of ea. Board member

D. Who is standing for re-election

E. Agenda for AGM/Who does what for set-up of meeting

8. Adjourn (No Argo road report—Phyllis Matthews away)

Meeting Agenda for Jan. 8th

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APOA AGENDA FOR JAN. 8TH. 2014, 3 P.M.  127 ELLIS St..

1. Call to order
2, Review/additions/deletions to minutes of Oct. 17th. 2013 board meeting
    Additions to this agenda
3. Treasurer’s report—Barry Leigh
    A. Membership renewal numbers
    b. Overview of our accounts
4. Argo report-Phyllis Matthews
5. Membership report—Phil Rathjen
    A. Printing more brochures
    B. General discussion to attract more members: more socials/door-to-door/ advertising/other
6. Apex Matters—general discussion re article and ad topics—Julia Valenti
7.  Staying in touch with membership: checking postbox, checking g-mail, reviewing our website now and again, newsletter writing—Julia Valenti
8. Forestry Committee report—Jeff Brown
    A. Hiring a RPF to develop an 80 yr. stewardship plan for Apex Recreation Area
    B. Hiring a Trail Network Manager to:
        1). GPS existing trails
        2). Designate new trail areas/GPS them
        3). Work with volunteers who mark and build new trails as well as mark existing trails
        4). Provide APOA Board with GPSed trail maps to present to Ministry of Forests, Industry and Native Bands to legitimize the trail network and show that it is large, used by many and is hugely important to the recreational value of the Apex Alpine
        5). Fundraising and revenue streams to hire A. and B.
9. Adjourn

Locals Nights at the Rock Oven Grill

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The Rock Oven Grill at the Apex Mt. Inn is presenting a once a month Sunday Local’s Night during the ski season.

Sunday Dec. 22nd, 6 to 9 p.m.   THE GRATEFUL NOT TO BE DEAD JAM BAND, comprised of Julia and Rick Valenti (guitar, vocals and harmonica) with special guest performers  Thurein Myint (snare drum and cymbal and guitar), Terry Cormack (bass guitar) and Lori Grant (vocals).  40 minute sets start at 6, 7 and 8 with a 20 minute break in each.

Come on down and enjoy  “swingin’ melodic rocker pop, stirred with rhythm and blues, shaken with torch and twang.”  Share good music, food, drink and fun with your friends and neighbours. See YOU on the 22nd. at the Rock Oven Grill!