APOA Overview

The Apex Property Owners Association (APOA) is a non-profit organization whose members are comprised of owners of property in the Apex community.  The APOA exists to represent the interests of property owners on a diversity of topics and issues in relation to government agencies, Apex Mountain Resort and various other parties.  APOA strives to support the sustainability of the resort community and the environmental resources of the Apex area.

APOA began as an information group early in 1995 and expanded quickly and incorporated as a society on June 19, 1995 in response to the threat to property access posed by road blockades.  These blockades were considered to be a contributing factor to the subsequent receivership of Apex Mountain Resort. APOA was incorporated to be a voice of the interests of property owners in respect of access and other issues affecting the ongoing viability and attractiveness of the Apex area as a home and destination for property owners, as well as regional users and tourists.

Since resolution of the 1995 blockade and receivership issues, the APOA has continues to be a voice for property owners through liaison with Apex Mountain Resort, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen as the local government presence and service provider, and various provincial agencies as required.

Membership was very strong when the threat of loss of access, via Green Mountain Road was imminent and comprised about three quarters of the then estimated 350 properties at Apex.  With the present lack of controversy over road access, annual membership has settled in at between 80 – 140 paid members.  APOA continues to encourage all owners to join in order to strengthen the capacity of the organization and its voice on behalf of property owners’ interests.